Blog Engage Review

Are you sweating to get traffic on your blog? Trying every possible method but didn’t able to bring huge traffic. Today in this blog post I’m going to share a great source that will help you to bring huge traffic without google or social media.

Now if you want to increase your blog traffic then go through this post.

First of all let me know did you join any blogging community or not. If no. then immediately join some of my listed blogging communities.  Actually in this post I’m going to write a review about one of the blogging community. This blogging community name is blogengage and its a premium one.

Now you may think there are several no. of blogging communities are available and most of them are free. So why I recommend this premium one.

Let me explain my points I hope that will clear your doubts.

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Benefits of Using Blogengage-

1., Lots of visitor – No need to buy junk traffic from fiver or anywhere and you don’t have to think about google traffic for conversion. If you join any blogging community, where you can share your blog post with 1000’s of other real bloggers.  So there is a huge chance to getting more share and visitor of your post. Above all because all of the visitors are blogger then their conversion should be high.

Interaction with other bloggers – It’s not possible to find your niche blog authors instantly. But if you are in blogging community you may found huge no. of interactive bloggers whose are ready to share their knowledge with you. This will be great opportunity to learn many new things without any charge.

Increase your alexa rank – This is an controversial point,  many bloggers said blogging communities help to increase (Actually decrease) alexa rank. Some other said doesn’t. But as per my view I think it works because most of the bloggers are use alexa toolbar to check their alexa status. Now alexa determine website rank basis on alexa toolbar. So now if your blog most of the visitors have installed alexa toolbar then you should get an extra boost in ranking. As you know better alexa rank mean good chance to get notice by advertisers.