Blog Engage Review

Are you sweating to get traffic on your blog? Trying every possible method but didn’t able to bring huge traffic. Today in this blog post I’m going to share a great source that will help you to bring huge traffic without google or social media.

Now if you want to increase your blog traffic then go through this post.

First of all let me know did you join any blogging community or not. If no. then immediately join some of my listed blogging communities.  Actually in this post I’m going to write a review about one of the blogging community. This blogging community name is blogengage and its a premium one.

Now you may think there are several no. of blogging communities are available and most of them are free. So why I recommend this premium one.

Let me explain my points I hope that will clear your doubts.

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Benefits of Using Blogengage-

1., Lots of visitor – No need to buy junk traffic from fiver or anywhere and you don’t have to think about google traffic for conversion. If you join any blogging community, where you can share your blog post with 1000’s of other real bloggers.  So there is a huge chance to getting more share and visitor of your post. Above all because all of the visitors are blogger then their conversion should be high.

Interaction with other bloggers – It’s not possible to find your niche blog authors instantly. But if you are in blogging community you may found huge no. of interactive bloggers whose are ready to share their knowledge with you. This will be great opportunity to learn many new things without any charge.

Increase your alexa rank – This is an controversial point,  many bloggers said blogging communities help to increase (Actually decrease) alexa rank. Some other said doesn’t. But as per my view I think it works because most of the bloggers are use alexa toolbar to check their alexa status. Now alexa determine website rank basis on alexa toolbar. So now if your blog most of the visitors have installed alexa toolbar then you should get an extra boost in ranking. As you know better alexa rank mean good chance to get notice by advertisers.

Hostgator Black Friday Sale 2017 – 80% Discount !!


Hostgator black friday

If you are thinking to begin another blog on a decent hosting service, this is the right time.

In case you’re needing to benefit the greatest Hostgator Black Friday/Cyber Monday markdown bargains (2017 release), at that point this post is the thing that you require. Read on to perceive how to get HostGator facilitating rebate and begin your own particular blog.

HostGator black Friday 2017 deals is on. You can get 75% markdown on their facilitating buy. That implies in the event that you are purchasing their bundle which ordinarily costs $100 every year, you can get it only for $25. Truly, you heard it right. You can save massive during HostGator black Friday deal.

What HostGator Black Friday Sale is offering to their Customers?

I know, this is the thing that which practically every individual need to know here. Isn’t that so?

HostGator has officially ended up being a best facilitating supplier and serving best administrations to parcel of clients.

Today, HostGator Black Friday deal is putting forth markdown up-to 75% OFF Flash Sales in addition to $2.99 on select spaces all through the entire deal.

HostGator is putting forth 65% to 75% markdown amid nowadays which begins From Friday, November 25th 12am CST to Tuesday November 29th 11:59pm CST.

HostGator Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals details elements are:

Details elements for 29th November i.e. CYBER TUESDAY


Deal Details: 65% off all new Hosting in addition to $5.99 on select areas

Coupon Code: TUE2016

Sale Starts: Live Now

Sale Ends: Tuesday, November 29th at 11:59pm CST


Deal Details: 1HR ONLY: 75% off all new Hosting + $2.99 on select spaces

Coupon Code: TUE2016FLASH2

Deal Starts: Tuesday, November 29th at 12pm CST

Deal Ends: Tuesday, November 29th at 12:59pm CST


Sale Details: 1HR ONLY: 75% off all new Hosting + $2.99 on select spaces


Sale Starts: Tuesday, November 29th at 3pm CST

Sale Ends: Tuesday, November 29th at 3:59pm CST


Sale Details: 1HR ONLY: 75% off all new Hosting + $2.99 on select spaces

Deal Starts: Tuesday, November 29th at 8pm CST

Deal Ends: Tuesday, November 29th at 8:59pm CST

Caution:- These deals are legitimate just for new clients with new record on HostGator. Try not to utilize old HostGator account If you need to get this deal. On the off chance that you will utilize old record then you won’t have the capacity to get this deal.

How much amount Can You Save with hostgator Black Friday Deal?

It relies upon you. The more (Duration) you purchase the more you spare. That implies you can save more cash If you purchase facilitating for the more extended period of time. Assume you will purchase hosting for one year. For this situation, you will have the capacity to appreciate the rebate for one year. Following one year, you should pay the customary cost. Furthermore, the terrible news is right now Hostgator doesn’t offer any rebate on renewal.

In the event that I were you I would purchase for the longer period.

In any case, if you have any disarray about their administrations, HostGator gives you an unrestricted 45-day unconditional promise. I have utilized Hostgator Baby Plan for a long time and I didn’t have any significant complaints about their service.

Magenet Review 2017

Magenet review

Are you a passionate blogger? Blogging, Blogging & Blogging!! It is of course one of the best ways to earn money online as there are thousands of people having blogs and earning money online. People are engaged in blogging at various niches and making huge sum of money online.

It is the dream of every blogger as to make money from their blog as like $1000+ and even more from a blog. The real situation comes when you calculate that whether you are making enough money from your blog as to pay your internet and electricity bills.

However, if you are not succeeded with the same strategy and hunting for ways to make money online. There is a safe way as to monetize your blog and reveal one method that would really help in earning dollars. is one such platform offering great opportunity as to monetize your blog with the safest Google Panda, Penguin updates.

Yes, you heard right!! The method is quite safe and is the best platform that gives you money every month without many hassles. It is of course the best platform that will provide you money every month at periodic intervals.

How Works?

They have started with a great strategy and is quite simple working with the same. The platform is free to join and you can always submit your website URL at the place. The Magenet will crawl your website within the week time frame and let you know how much PR1+ pages are available with the blog.

All you need to do is multiply the number of PR1+ pages on your website by 15 and he same amount of money you can receive from your website every month by just selling 1-3 links from each of your PR1+ pages. In case, if your website has 100 PR1+ pages, you can always earn $1,500 / month for link sales at Mage Net. It will let you know more about the available opportunities and it is up to you as to deny or accept accordingly.  They have been working with contextual links only.

Contextual Links

Contextual links are nothing but the links Google does not consider as bad links as the link is inserted in your article only and makes perfect meaning. Such links are inserted in a brilliant manner as Google consider them as good links.

However, in the case of bad back links, Google is aware of the same and can easily determine more about the paid back links. Whenever you make any kind of deal with the link buyer and inserting them on your homepage sidebar or footer, Google is aware that you might have sold the link.

They would be checking every link coming from your website and when the link is not found in the next month at your home page, you are identified at the same point. So, you might have removed the paid links.

How offers great help? is quite safe in terms that they would not be selling links on your home page. So, it becomes tough for Google to identify the same. They would find out PR1+ pages on your blog and ask to insert links inside the post. So, being the case of contextual link, Google would never consider them as bad back links. You could always get in touch with the website by just registering yourself and start to monetize your website with link sale. It is of course one of the easiest and secured methods. Review- Scam site?

As per latest reviews some people suggests that is a scam site. According to a advertisement they have claimed that they are “Best in text advertising networks“. The website claims that you can always earn even more than $1000 per month by just selling links on your blog. is just an in-text advertising network that sells text links on your blog and makes payment to your account. They started the website in the year 2009 and has often claimed that users can earn more than $1000 per month for selling links.

They offer you facility as to set your own link prices. The price often depends mainly with the page rank. If your website is having high PR, the chances of earning are more. They would be sending payments via MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Payoneer along with Paypal and other gateways.

Initially they would ask you to “Sign Up”. As soon as it is done, they would start indexing your website. If your page has PR 1+ they would look for keywords within the content and hence offer clients as to purchase back links for such pages. They would sell links only from pages with content and only links placed within the content. They have claimed that thousands of clients are looking to purchase back links for some specific keywords.

You can always exclude specific links on your web page and block the keywords you don’t like to place links.